Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where he grew up speaking nothing but french. After immigrating to the United States, Ron Bultongez now calls Plano, TX home. An abusive home life, being separated from his family at a young age, enduring years of homelessness, multiple homeless shelters, and a community that truly invested in Ron has shaped the Artist and person he is today.

Since December 2015, Ron has been on a mission to share his music with anyone who’s willing to listen. His Singer-Songwriter genre is Bluesy, accompanied by guitar or piano, and is deeply rooted in soul. His original work is always story-oriented. Ron’s unique sound is a combination of mellow melodic vibes berthed from the pain of his past and motivational-toned harmonies berthed from the hope within his dreams. Lately, Ron can’t seem to stay out of the media now (for good reasons), he has been featured on TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Blogs. Including: MTV, Dallas Morning News, Plano Magazine, Lifestyle Magazine, CBS, Star Courier News, Plano Profile Magazine and many others throughout the US. Ron was nominated for and is now a winner of 4 different 2017 Ghosty Music Awards. The awards include: Best New Artist, Best Male Vocalist, Best Acoustic Music, and Best New EP (Thank You PLANO EP.) Slowly but surely Ron’s name and story is becoming the talk of the town.

When he’s not touring, in the studio, or in an interview, he is often found investing in under developed communities, schools, and non-profit organizations. Ron was recently recognize and recipient of a $5,000 Thank You Donation at JPAR’s annual Christmas Benefit for the work he has done in the community. Ron is also a public speaker and has spoken to thousands of students over the last 2 years. Ron has released 3 singles and an EP so far and plans to release more music in the near future.