The reason why Ron does what he does is because of the people. Ron wanted to give the fans, friends, family, and supporters a community to be a part of. While visiting New York City, the first state Ron ever stepped foot on after coming to America, someone called themselves a Roniac and the name has stuck since. He now calls his most loyal fans Roniacs.

You can become a Roniac by subscribing to the mailing list, connecting with Ron on Social Media, or just jamming to his music. Whatever works for you!

Here is a picture which Ron framed himself. His first ever "Ticket Concert" with The Wild Frontiers in Fort Worth, TX at The Rail Club (April 10, 2016). Ron had all his first ever fans give him their signature and he framed the piece of paper along with the ticket from the show. Till this day, it's his favorite thing which he owns.